Wednesday, July 22, 2009

who the heck knows what day it is??? 2nd week i know....

We have been quite busy the last week. We have been all around the west coast and down to California. We went to the Tree's of Mystery and then to a water park in Sacremento. We got to hang out with some old friends from bible school and we got to see our cosin Matt and hang out with him for a little while. We made it to the Oregon Coast, Portland Zoo and to Burgerville about every other night while we were in Oregon. I had a great time getting in touch with some girlfriends i went to elementary school with and then we had a great family picnic with all my aunts and uncles and their kids. It was very hard to say goodbye to grandma and all the family. Uncle Monty made a cute video of us driving off into the sunset after working very hard to pack our car up.

Monday, July 13, 2009

day 5 (WY, ID, OR, & WA)

So we made it to Oregon and then we went across the river to WA to see my aunt and her family. Its only been 48 hours since we left Iowa but I tell you what we have done alot in the last 48 hours!

We left Iowas @ 10pm friday nite and drove straight to Riverton WY. My friend Kelli from high school lived there with her husband and adorable kids. She let us come crash her house for a couple of hours and rod horses (wich the boys absolutly loved and havent stopped talking about) we had lunch and let the kids play together then we loaded up and drove the rest of the way to Jackson Hole WY wich was about 16 hours total. By this time david had been up since 8am friday night and it was now 5pm saturday. We got to the resort and unloaded and hurried downtown to join the chuckwagon dinner show. It was fun to ride old covered wagons and eat a dutch oven prepared dinner while we watched the show they preformed (elijah went up at the very last and helped with the song) By this time it was 930pm and i was exausted let alone my poor husband! LOL Needless to say we went back to the resort and we CRASHED!

The next morning we woke up and walked around the town and took some fun pictures. We headed across the Teton Mountains and were Oregon bound by 12 noon! We went across the mountains and found snow wich was awesome to play in while wearing flip flops and shorts! =) We had a few issues with our GPS wich didnt take into account that some roads were closed and under construction so we got sent this wacky detour down this never ending highway and ran into enough constuction for the summer! We came to realize that their is nothing in Idaho except construction and Potatoes!! We got through Idaho and stopped at Jack & the box for dinner and headed to our destination!!! We were both quite delirious while driving that last leg to Susan's house but we made it about 1am.

The boys are having a blast with the girls and have not stopped playing since we got here. We are going to the Oregon Zoo tomorrow and then off to my Grandma's in Albany Tuesday evening for some yummy cavetelli =)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 2 .......

We went out side last night and played on the scooters nand Aunt Melody showed the boys how to play hopscotch. They then raced eachother and Jenna on scooters and then we came in and watched a movie and ate some yummy pie they made!

It has been a great visit and it is hard to believe that we still have so much more to do! David had a good night sleep last nite and will be sure to take plenty of naps during the day. We have been doing 4 hour drive shifts in the car and seems to be working very well! This is the last night we will be driving thru the night so if we can get thru that we will be doing wonderful! I posted it all the pics on FB and will do a few on the blog it just doesnt work as fast on here.

The boys kept getting confused because Uncle Terry sounds so much like my dad (grandpa) they kepts calling for him and asking him why are you talking so much like our grandpa! We told them they are brothers so they act alot alike, Malachi said "if your brothers than why do you live so far away? your supposed to live together if your brothers!" LOL so cute

We were worried that they might have a hard time warming up to everybody because it is so many new people and new surroundings.......yeah not gonna be a problem it took them about 15 seconds to get comfortable here with Uncle Terry & his family so i am not worried at all about being in OR. We are all havign a blast and with day 2 in full swing I am sure there will be many more fun things said and silly things we all do!
Yum Yum Yum!
Uncle Terry's Home made Cinnamon Rolls!

day 2...already confused on the days....

So I am sitting here eating yummy home made cinnamon rolls made by Terry! Last night was fun we hung around the house and ate yummy PARTY DIP, Apple Pies.....

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gordon Cross Country!

So we did it we made the decision and we stuck with it and we saved, and we packed and we loaded up and then by even our shock we drove off..... With many destinations in sight the farthest being OREGON! I know you are saying "your crazy!!" I know we are insane..... but we thought this would be a great adventure that would be filled with good and hopefully not to many not so good memories for all of us to remember years from now!

David took over as the planner and travel guide, while i was in charge of packing and loading everything (including our BIG ol'e BOX FAN) into the trunk of our nissan altima. I know small car well the gas mileage over ruled the roominess we might of found in a larger vehicle! I got suprisingly all of our clothes into 3 suitcases, a bag for our bathroom stuff, our laptop, bag of snacks, baseball bag full of bats, mits, and bballs, I also got 2 scooters all in the trunk! You can thank my dad for teaching me how to pack a car! LOL! Thank goodness we have little people in the back seat so i was able to put a backpack of goodies (toys and food) for each of them, a cooler, 2 movie screens with headphones and a big pack of DVD's!

So we took off @ about 8pm by the time we gassed up and got dinner and before we knew it we were in TN and the boys were jamin out to the theme song of Icarly & Ducktales with their headphones on (it was sooo cute)! By 11pm they had both turned off their movies I said their goodnite prayer and they were out for the night! Malachi woke up briefly when we stopped @ 4am but went right back to sleep. David drove first and then i took over once we got to nashville, the poor guy had been up working since 430am that morning! I drove until we got to Missouri about 4 hours i was so proud of myself =) David then took over and he took us the rest of the way! We made it thru St. Lois and finaly Iowa! I was unable to get any pictures of the state signs because those little stinkers just kept sneaking up on me with absolutly no warning! I got a few pictures of street signs and you can barely make out the Arches in St. Louis.
Long story short Day 1 was amaising and driving at night was so worth the lack of sleep on me and David's part. The boys are troupers and we are very excited to see what the next 2 1/2 weeks bring in memories! I will be posting blogs as often as i can get internet! =)

I am trying to post pictures, but i dont know they are loading properly so they may have be on the next post!