Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Today is Christmas Eve! All my shopping and wrapping is complete! Thank Goodness! I am now sitting down enjoying a cup of coffee ankiously waiting for my boys to wake up from their nap so the festivites can begin. It is amaising how exciting Christmas is when you have kids and how much it changes when you are an adult. I have loved watching them this whole month as they count down the days and sit and stare at the presents under the tree. This is the first year i was able to put the presents @the foot of the tree with out them getting into em. :) Elijah lost another tooth yesterday so he is jumping for joy that the tooth fairy and santa are visiting him on the SAME night! Malachi has gone a few weeks with out doing any harm to his body! (thank goodness) All his ER bills from the summer have started to come in this month and we need to get those payed for before he starts hurting himself again! The blog of Malachi's injuries is still to come.... LOL. We have had an unseasonbly cold month already and I am so over it. We havent had snow but it has been freezing cold for to long and I am desperatly missing my flip flops. I better go for now hope everyone has a Merry Christmas we love you all and wish you a great day and a wonderful New Year to come!

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