Monday, March 30, 2009

We are off to Malachi's soccer game, he is so excited to be playing and we are so glad that we have found something that he likes to do. Baseball was not his thing and he found it quite boring last year. I also was informed of picture day at school tomorrow so i will have to come howe and try and find something clean for them to wear tomorrow. I admit we do not have dress clothes for them, they wear uniforms for school and then @ church we have a different series each month and with that they were a tshirt to match so when it comes to pictures i am always at a loss on what to put them in i dont want pictures of their school uniforms, but i dont want them wearing transformer tshirts either LOL well wish me luck i will let ya know and post pictures of what i decide ;)

getting serious...

Alright so i have been wanting to get this blog thing going, but i honestly forget to do it until i look at my friends on facebook and see they have their website. if for anything i need to be doing this to chroniclized (spelling LOL) the boys and our crazy life. So that are family who lives all over can be a part of it.
Alot has been going on the boys have started spring sports and that is an adventure. Elijah is playing baseball wich is coached by his dad and Malachi is playing soccer. So far thanks to the rain we have not been able to do to much but i am sure we will be quite busy in the weeks ahead going from soccer to baseball, while i run myself ragged trying not to miss a minute of each of them playing.

We have one more week until spring break and we are so excited i just hope that the weather agrees with us and we can be outside the whole time. We are trying to figure out how to get down to florida to see grandma and grandpa but between all the sports and mom and dad still having to work i dont know if it will work out.