Sunday, August 2, 2009

Back to the grind!

Well we are home from our vacation we got in last week left the grand canyon on thursday morning and arrived in our driveway 36 hours later! We were determined to drive until we got into our own beds. It was insane and crazy but between the 2 of us we made it and switched off driving while the other 1 slept. The boys did amaising and we are proud to say that are kids are wonderful travelers they did not complain until about the last 2 hours. So we now know that our max of car driving is 34 hours straight! LOL

We got home friday and then the boys and I thru are clothes into another suitcase and we went down to florida for about 4 days. Poor david had to stay here and go back to work (yucky) he was a good sport and let us continue our vacation for a few more days.Elijah caught a huge fish in the lake behind my moms house. It was quite funny without david there to unhook it i was quit nervous, but dad came in and saved the day. We had a great time spending time with Grandma and the tickle monster (grandpa). My sister was home so i got to spend a lot of quality time with her which was great. Thursday we made 1 more trip to the beach and then headed back to GA to sleep in our own beds after 3 1/2 weeks of being gone.

Summer is over we headed straight to wally world and target to get school supplies and school clothes. It is hard to believe that we are past another fun filled summer and that my kids are gonna be in 1st grade and kindergarten.......(little teary eyed)

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