Wednesday, July 22, 2009

who the heck knows what day it is??? 2nd week i know....

We have been quite busy the last week. We have been all around the west coast and down to California. We went to the Tree's of Mystery and then to a water park in Sacremento. We got to hang out with some old friends from bible school and we got to see our cosin Matt and hang out with him for a little while. We made it to the Oregon Coast, Portland Zoo and to Burgerville about every other night while we were in Oregon. I had a great time getting in touch with some girlfriends i went to elementary school with and then we had a great family picnic with all my aunts and uncles and their kids. It was very hard to say goodbye to grandma and all the family. Uncle Monty made a cute video of us driving off into the sunset after working very hard to pack our car up.

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