Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I was doing okay until the time came when we had to tell the boys about the baby. When we found out we were pregnant David and I talked about when we should tell them and how soon they would understand about the baby inside me. I wanted to tell them right away I didnt want to keep this from them when they had been asking for so long for a baby.

When we told them last nite the look on their face killed me. I never thought that they would understand at such a young age but they did. Elijah started crying and headed up to his room and David grabbed him and they just clung to eachother and cried, we all cried and at that moment everything stood still and nothing else mattered all of us mourned for our little baby. Malachi asked where the baby was and we told him that God took the baby to heaven and that Nannie and my Grandpa were holding it and taking care of it until it was our turn to go to heaven. It is amaising how smart our kids are I had no idea they would be able to understand or comprehend what happened, but as they do often they suprised me and they were the best comfort i could have.

I layed in bed with them last night and we read books and we said our prayers and they cuddled with my David and it was so sweet and precious and at that moment I was so thankful for the wonderful family i have and the joy my boys and my husband bring to me on a daily basis. I know i will get past this and I know that the pain will subside, but i pray that i will never forget how short and precious life is. Whether it is only for a few weeks of life inside me or if it is for many years, every day is a gift and every child no matter how old is an amaising precious gift from God!

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  1. My God's love heal your family's pain. You are a truely wonderful family. I knew that you were going to have to tell them soon and I had been praying for them to have an understanding beyond their years that God is good and is in control. He knows best. I will continue to pray for you all.