Thursday, May 7, 2009

are we ready?

I am ready to try again! Now that we know how much we both want another baby I can not wait until it happens again. I thought I would be scared to even think about it, but now i am just anxious and excited to get trying! I dont know how long its gonna take or how hard it will be to concieve, but I do know one thing we all want a baby =) I went to bed early last night because i just didn't want to think about loosing the baby anymore it has been such a long week. I dont want to ever forget what happend and I know I wont, but i also want to move on so badly from this. The boys don't understand why my belly still looks big and I keep having to tell them its not cause the baby is in there it is because mommy hasn't exercised in awhile =) This horiable week has definatly made me relax as a mom and not stress over the fights between the kids and the whining and tantrums instead it has reminded me that yeah they may drive me crazy sometimes but they are healthy happy and the highlight of my day. So cross your fingers, pray, send happy thoughts, whatever you do for good luck and hopefully we will have another little Gordon before 2 long. FYI..... Been there done that and am definatly not gonna share the news until we are out of the danger zone time frame, but will gladly take all the prayers and well wishes we can get.

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  1. Stefani I am so glad you are feeling better. I totally know how it is about telling early. I did the same thing. I just wanted to tell everyone as soon as I knew. Now you just have lots of prayers and support. I am still praying for you and thinking of you lots.
    Are you still planning on coming out in July? I am soooo excited to see you. Let me know when you have dates set.
    Love ya