Thursday, November 25, 2010


Well we are here.
Found this it never got posted......

It is officially the holidays! Apart of me is excited & another part of me is sad. On a day when you are supposed to be thankful, I am having to remind myself to be happy for what we do have, when all I have though about is who is not here this year. We are missing 2 people. The first of everything is hard after you have lost a loved one. Not only is it the first holiday w/ out Zeke who would be 6 months old tomorrow, it is the first holiday in Texas and it is the first holiday w/ out Charles, David's dad. Thanksgiving also marks the anniversary for my grandpa who passed away 16 years ago on Thanksgiving morning.

I am sooooo happy that my parents and my sister are on their way right now to spend the holiday with us. I have been dreading the holiday season. I miss my baby and the thought of this being his first holiday is really hard. We should be sneaking him some turkey, and pumpkin pie in his mouth this year.

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