Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 2 .......

We went out side last night and played on the scooters nand Aunt Melody showed the boys how to play hopscotch. They then raced eachother and Jenna on scooters and then we came in and watched a movie and ate some yummy pie they made!

It has been a great visit and it is hard to believe that we still have so much more to do! David had a good night sleep last nite and will be sure to take plenty of naps during the day. We have been doing 4 hour drive shifts in the car and seems to be working very well! This is the last night we will be driving thru the night so if we can get thru that we will be doing wonderful! I posted it all the pics on FB and will do a few on the blog it just doesnt work as fast on here.

The boys kept getting confused because Uncle Terry sounds so much like my dad (grandpa) they kepts calling for him and asking him why are you talking so much like our grandpa! We told them they are brothers so they act alot alike, Malachi said "if your brothers than why do you live so far away? your supposed to live together if your brothers!" LOL so cute

We were worried that they might have a hard time warming up to everybody because it is so many new people and new surroundings.......yeah not gonna be a problem it took them about 15 seconds to get comfortable here with Uncle Terry & his family so i am not worried at all about being in OR. We are all havign a blast and with day 2 in full swing I am sure there will be many more fun things said and silly things we all do!

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