Monday, July 13, 2009

day 5 (WY, ID, OR, & WA)

So we made it to Oregon and then we went across the river to WA to see my aunt and her family. Its only been 48 hours since we left Iowa but I tell you what we have done alot in the last 48 hours!

We left Iowas @ 10pm friday nite and drove straight to Riverton WY. My friend Kelli from high school lived there with her husband and adorable kids. She let us come crash her house for a couple of hours and rod horses (wich the boys absolutly loved and havent stopped talking about) we had lunch and let the kids play together then we loaded up and drove the rest of the way to Jackson Hole WY wich was about 16 hours total. By this time david had been up since 8am friday night and it was now 5pm saturday. We got to the resort and unloaded and hurried downtown to join the chuckwagon dinner show. It was fun to ride old covered wagons and eat a dutch oven prepared dinner while we watched the show they preformed (elijah went up at the very last and helped with the song) By this time it was 930pm and i was exausted let alone my poor husband! LOL Needless to say we went back to the resort and we CRASHED!

The next morning we woke up and walked around the town and took some fun pictures. We headed across the Teton Mountains and were Oregon bound by 12 noon! We went across the mountains and found snow wich was awesome to play in while wearing flip flops and shorts! =) We had a few issues with our GPS wich didnt take into account that some roads were closed and under construction so we got sent this wacky detour down this never ending highway and ran into enough constuction for the summer! We came to realize that their is nothing in Idaho except construction and Potatoes!! We got through Idaho and stopped at Jack & the box for dinner and headed to our destination!!! We were both quite delirious while driving that last leg to Susan's house but we made it about 1am.

The boys are having a blast with the girls and have not stopped playing since we got here. We are going to the Oregon Zoo tomorrow and then off to my Grandma's in Albany Tuesday evening for some yummy cavetelli =)

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