Monday, July 19, 2010

Heaven's Child

A Sweet lady shared this with me after she lost her 2 boys. I am so thankful she has shared this with me and allowed me to share it w/ you.

Heaven's Child

I bearly knew of your exsistance
Hidden away in a secret place
Yet thoughts of you already stirring
To hold your hands, to see your face

Then one confusing, painful night
Your beautiful life was swept away
My body left aching and empty
My heart too overwhelmed even to pray

So I went on with my life and tucked you away
What had happened not even sure I could believe
With busyness and other children as distractions
I never allowed myself to grieve

Till the words of another hurting mother
Brought thoughts of you floodiing back to me
I realized I had to accept your loss
So I could heal and joy in your memory

Now I honor and celebrate your life
Though for now we must be apart
I cannot hold you in my arms
But I always hold you in my heart

The distance between us seems endless
Though it's only a little while
Till I wil see my precious gift from God
But now, you're Heaven's Child

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