Sunday, February 7, 2010

All things work together for my good!

Sunday's are good days! Sunday's are my best days! Sunday's are day's I look forward to!

I have no doubt it is because I am in church. I am surrounded my his presence & the church body that is so hungry for his presence. It just amazes me how wonderful our new church is & how God knew exactly what we needed at this time in our life. Encourager Church has been such a blessing & strength to us. We don't even know that many people yet, but we still feel so much love & support from them it blows me away.

I feel so much strength, & faith when I leave church. It is so refreshing to just sit in his presence & I may cry but it is not the kind of cry that makes my heartache & makes me want to throw up, it is a sweet cry & cry out to my father in heaven I truly feel his arm's around me on Sunday mornings. I feel him wiping my tears & just being w/ me, not saying it will be okay but just sitting there with his arm around me letting me cry. It is almost like a cleansing cry.

The worship is wonderful and the songs have touched me, everyone of them. Here are a few lyrics from the past few weeks that just melt my heart when I think about how much God does love me & how much he wants to take this pain away from me.

"With the furnace burning I know rescue is coming the promise never fails in the darkness the light shines breaking over the horizon.... carry me on your back Lord, through the storm Lord ....... waking up in the arms of love, singing a new song. "

"All things work together for my good, You make all things work together for my good you same through the ages your love never changes there may be pain in the night but joy comes in the morning and when the ocean rage I don't have to be afraid cause I know that you love me.

"My chains are gone I have been set free, my God my Savior has ransomed me & like a flood his mercy rains, unending love AMAZING GRACE!"

I know that the hardest part is yet to come, I know that I will shed many more tears & the fire is still burning & will get hotter, but today I have strength to get to the next day. I have to be thankfull for the little things in my life right now to get me through. Like taking the boys to check out new things in our new town, or going to the cool Rainforest Cafe' @ the mall & drooling over all the candy in the huge candy store & trying to pick out the best 1 for dessert. =)

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  1. Stefani, you just amaze me with your outlook. God is so good and I am thankful He is taking care of you and holding you through out this. Are you guys at Encourager? I have a wonderful mighty woman of God friend there who I met thru Sue. Do you want me to introduce you two thru face book? Let me know if you do.
    praying for you!