Sunday, February 7, 2010

He is in the little things....

2 posts in 1 day I know crazy right, but I have had a great day & wanted to share it!

The last week was hard, agonizing to say the least, but this weekend was just what I needed w/ my family. God knew that & he blessed me w/ a great weekend w/ the best 3 men in the world (well 4 if you count Zeke in my belly). We just lay ed around yesterday until about 6pm & decided to venture out to the mall. We went to the Bass Pro shop & felt like we were back in GA for a little bit it was nice. We then went to the coolest candy shop ever & I think all 4 of us drooled over what to pick out! =) We then walked around & looked for an outfit for Zeke William. I was nervous walking into the store's but the minute I did, I couldn't help but smile at all the cutest little clothes & yes we are still convinced after the 2 boys we already have that they STILL do not make as many clothes for boys as they do little girls! LOL We looked at baby gear & found a bassinet we liked & a crib & some really cute bedding w/ monkey's & polka dots on them. For the moment it seemed perfect it seemed like we really did have a healthy baby growing inside me & I admit my mind kept trying to go back to reality but I just couldn't let it last night. Last night @ the store I just dreamed & I prayed that this would be our reality. We walked into carter's which by the way is the best baby store ever I have always loved & always will! There Malachi decided he was in charge of picking out Zeke's blanket & Elijah decided he was in charge of picking out Zeke's stuffed animal. (for those of you who don't know Malachi is severely attached still to his blanket & Elijah has a stuffed horse who he is attached to named Fred.) We found the blanket and it was perfect it was gorgeous & it truly felt like silk! We all wished we could have one for ourselves. =) It was the little things last night that God showed me through shopping for Zeke that all though we are going through the fire, he is still w/ us & he does want show to us some happiness.

The last 24 hours i have had a strong & I mean very strong craving for mac & cheese bites! You can only get them @ TGI Friday's that I am aware of well, I didn't want to go out to eat for lunch after we went out the night before just to satisfy my craving. So I was going to try and satisfy myself w/ mac & cheese from home. We were on our way home when this chili dog fast food place had chili dogs on sale for .99 cents no limit, we decided to stop for a quick snack before I went home & made meatloaf for dinner tonight. We walked in there & guess what they had??? You know it! Mac & Cheese bites! Can you believe it!! I was so happy I almost started crying! Instead of spending 40$ for lunch @ TGI Friday's we were able to spend just 10$ for a great lunch & make Zeke completely happy w/ his Mac & Cheese bites!! I felt like God was smiling down on me & saying ..." See I do care about you & I know what you want even when it comes to your cravings, I know you Stefani & I will take care of you!" David & the boys thought I was completely crazy on how excited I was to get those, but it meant so much more to me than just getting the mac bites, & I am not one of those people who see God in every situation & analyze everything super religiously sometimes things are just apart of life, but not today. Today God blessed me in the littlest thing I wanted in comparison to my baby being healed. He took me to a place to eat lunch were they specialize in Chili Dogs, why would they carry mac & cheese bites that doesn't even make sense on there menu. God is wonderful & God loves us ! Even when we think we are alone he shows up in the most mundane acts of life like eating lunch & satisfying a pregnancy craving.

ps... I can't wait to go get some more tomorrow on my lunch break... did I mention you get 3 bites for a $1.oo!! woohoo talk about a steal, especially when I would pay $5.00 for 1! =)