Thursday, February 18, 2010

His brain is healed!

We survived the appointment. After waiting for over an hour we went it to the ultrasound room. I immediately saw that we had the same ultrasound tech & thought....oh great not her again she was not friendly @ all last time. She took many picture's of him and asked if we had a name picked out for him & then confirmed with us that he was most defiantly a HE! =) She was very friendly this time and it was alot nicer to have some conversation while we were being scanned for close to 45 min.

The doctor came in and right away there was something about her I didn't like. I felt uncomfortable with her. She started off rambling about everything that was wrong w/ him. She pointed out that he had alot of fluid around his heart and around where his lungs will grow. She said that his heart was about 3/4 the size of his chest & could be swelling. She told me that his stomach was measuring about a week smaller than his heart and over all he is only measuring 19 weeks and 5 days. I should be 22 weeks and 6 days. My regular OB say ed last week that he will never "catch" up but that as long as we see growth that is promising. The specialist started rambling on about how his leg looked hyper extended the opposite way & she looked at me weird when I just smiled at her , I was thinking to myself his leg is the least of my worries lady are kidding me. She would not stop talking about his leg! LOL She went on to say that with his heart being so big and my placenta covered in calcium & looking like it is near the end of a 40 week pregnancy she expects me to loose him w/ in the next few weeks. She was very blunt about what she said and how she said it. It just gave me the creeps. She never mentioned anything about his brain until I brought it up & she said nope his brain looks good nothing to worry about and his chin looks normal size to me. !!!!! I wanted to laugh at her.I told her I didn't understand that when we were there the first time he didn't have kidneys, the next time they found his kidneys but he has a major part of his brain missing along w/ his chin not developing. Now she is telling me that his kidneys, brain & chin were okay but his heart is swelling & my placenta looks like it is about to die. I feel like every time I go back in for an ultrasound something is different & they don't know what they are talking about.

The doctor just looked at us like we were crazy because my mom and I could not stop smiling during the appt. & she kept telling us he was going to die in utero w/ in the next couple weeks & we just smiled and say ed okay. I wish I could of known what she say ed about us after we left cause I am sure it was an interesting conversation. =) She kept talking about the amnio & I know she was thinking they could get the results rushed back in the next week so I could make a decision about termination because i only had a week left to legally terminate. I told her no we are not doing the amnio,we will carry him as long as we can.

I wanted to scream & laugh at her all at the same time. I have had 3 intense ultrasounds in the last 6 weeks and every time they all sayed there was something terrible wrong w/ Zeke's organs or body parts. David told me later when I got home that pretty soon they are gonna run out of body parts to diagnose problems with. Praise God for healing Zeke & Praise God for the miracle's that are still yet to come for this little boy. I have been told many times that he must have an amazing call on his life for the enemy to be working so hard to take him out before he is already born. They are so right!! God has shown up so many times already & healed this little boy it is amazing. Our faith has been built up so much through this trial and I know the best is yet to come.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. If you are praying w/ us for Zeke we are concentrating on his heart, the fluid in his chest & brain, & my placenta & his legs. We love you all & I know when we go back in 2 weeks all of these will be healed & we will move on to the next body part until he is healed from his head to his toes!


  1. so awesome! God is good!!! Praying for complete healing.

  2. Sooooo good! I can't wait to hear about the doctor's reaction when he's born whole and complete. You're awesome Stef and it's so cool to see you maintain a positive attitude and trust that it's all under control.

  3. Honestly, reading your post makes me very angry at that specialist, but she more than likely doesn't know the God we serve of miracles. Our biggest crisis point in life (can't compare, but) and, we had to deal with the most insensitive, calloused, people ever. It was like salt to the wound, but as I look back, I think "wow, how God has proved them wrong".. I keep you all in my thoughts and prayers constantly!

  4. Praise God Stef! God is so faithful! I will continue to pray for Zeke and your guys. When is your next apt?

  5. thank you all! Jenny I went back today and will have an update shortly.. =)

  6. I have been reading about what you guys have been going through and I wanted you to know that Josh and I are praying for you guys and you are in our thoughts. I am so glad that you have been able to cling to God and find peace despite the doctors negativity. You are right about what you said, God will just look that much greater when Zeke is healed 100% and the doctors have no answers. I am sorry you guys have had such an ordeal going on and we will continue to keep you in our prayers. Michelle and Josh Walker