Tuesday, June 8, 2010

what we say....

Have a great day!

How many times do we say that to people? We say that in passing at the grocery store, the bank, coffee shops. We say it on the telephone to an operator, to the mail man or your child's bus driver. We don't even think about it. It is just a habit and a form of saying goodbye to someone we know or we don't know.

You don't even think about what your are really saying until you are going though such a horrifing ordeal. I went and got a cup of coffee today and the lady in the drive thru smiled real big and told me "Have a great day!' My eye's welled up with tears and I just sighed and sayed "yeah you to."

Have a great day she says as I am about to go pick up my babies ashes at the funeral home. She didn't know, she didn't mean it to come across wrong, she was doing her job and being friendly which I do apreciate. It just happend to be on one of the worst day's I could go thru. So it made me wonder how many people do we say that to who put on a fake smile and say "yeah you to" It makes you think twice about what you say to people in passing, people that you know and those people you don't know.

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