Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Today is Valentines Day and I think it is only fitting that I write about the man in my life.
My husband is truly my rock and if it wasn't for his unwavering faith and strength the last year would not of been a year I could of got thru.

He has kept me a float
He has helped me keep my eyes on Jesus.
He has made me see just what the grace of God truly is all about.
He has seen me @ my worst physically and emotionally & still wrapped his arms around me.
He has wiped my tears and heard my screams
He has made me laugh so hard I peed my pants
He has loved me unconditionally
He has picked up the slack when I have not been able to do much at all
He has stood strong and steady and reminding me to just pray my guts out
He has reminded me day after day that 1 day it will all make sense.
He has held me up when I knew he was so broken inside himself.

I love him! In those first few months after Zeke died I was a ball of nerves, tears, anger and anxiety attacks but as soon as David walked in the room I could just feel myself relax and calm down. Even though we have had so many ups & downs, we may not agree on everything and we may have our differences some days, bottom line we are holding on to each other. We are staying faithful to ourselves, our boys, and God. Even when somedays we think it might be easier to let go, we know deep down we are SO much better together than we are apart. I have been an emotional roller coaster the last 12 months and it is David despite all the loss he has suffered as well that has kept me going. It is David that keeps me grounded and helps me see what is really important. We have had are share of differences but at the end of the day, I could not move to the next day with out him by my side. He is truly my other half.

I found this and I could not of written anything better myself....

No matter what life brings
Your there with the kind of love and constancy
that gets me through both good days and bad
with a smile that guides my heart
back to what matters most
I am grateful for you!

I love you David more and more each day. Thank you for not giving on me and for not giving up on us.

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