Tuesday, February 1, 2011

preggos vs. babies

new pregnancy's...........

it seems to be getting harder to watch all my friends and people i don't know get pregnant. Don't get me wrong i am genuinely happy for them but at the same time my heart breaks each time i see a new expecting post of FB. i saw a little boy last week at the store blonde hair, blue eyes, about 9 months old sitting in the grocery cart sucking on his paci w/ his blanky in his hand ....... i couldn't stop watching him imaging zeke should be doing the same thing in my cart. zeke should be crawling all over the place & the boys should be running around chasing him and trying to keep all there itty bitty legos from going in his mouth! there are many days when I slam my computer shut not being able to take one more look at all the cute little babies born to all my wonderful friends, & there are just as many days that i can't stop looking at the photos because they are just adorable.

pregnancy's are harder for me still i don't get it, you would think it would be babies. i have no problem holding them, taking care of them (good thing since i work w/ them) lol you can't help but be happy when ur around babies i just wish with every ounce in me that one of them was zeke

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