Tuesday, January 19, 2010


After everything that I have been through the last week I really felt like I needed to go to the CALL and take a stand against abortion. I needed to go say "Satan you thought you were going to get this baby, you almost did, but my God is bigger and my God's grace is sufficient to overcome any decision I consider!" So I went w/ my mom and my sister Sunday night & it was amazing. We then went to the rally/march on Monday & took a stand against ending abortion & praying for Revival. I also was amazed at the amount of compassion I felt & I knew that was only because of the grace that was given me this last week about the very same topic. God gave me a name for my baby this weekend & it is so beautiful & so perfect I can not wait to share it w/ you, but it will have to wait until we know for sure what the sex of the baby is.

On Sunday we ran into some dear old friends who are working w/ Lou Engle. I shared my story & she offered to pray for me & I gladly accepted. She started to pray along w/ her husband and a friend when all of a sudden she disappeared. My mom told me later that she left and came back w/ over 30 of Lou Engle's interns! I couldn't believe, I still can't believe the outpouring of prayer we have received, it is truly the work of God! They are all from Kansas City & have been in the wonderful outpouring of IHOP & have seen many babies who where diagnosed w/ life threatening situations & disorder's to be born COMPLETELY HEALTHY! PRAISE GOD! I had no idea there were so many people around me praying, but what I did hear from their prayers was so right on, it only built up my faith knowing that I once doubted, I didn't hear from God. Only to be reminded so frequently in the last few weeks that God has a plan. He has a plan that can only be orchestrated by him & him alone.

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  1. Stef, I am praying for you! How great is God that He lined up that prayer for you! Love you!