Saturday, January 9, 2010

Power of Prayer

I found this song from another blogger who went through the loss of a daughter because of Trisomy 18, & I was so encouraged by this song I thought i would share it. I feel better this evening I had a great talk w/ David. As scared as we are on what the future holds for us, the only thing we can do is love this baby w/ all our heart & pray our guts out. I definatly feel like the world is falling out from underneath me, but I have to see God in this & the last thing i can do is turn away from God, he created this baby inside of me for a reason, God choose us to be her parents for a reason & I am determined to do all that I can to fullfill my part in being her mother & helping her grow inside of me. I WILL BE found in God & he will be by our side thru all of this. I am asking for your prayers more than anything. I know I will have bad days & not so bad days, but I also know that there is POWER IN PRAY. We saw how pray worked to save Malachi when he was a baby & I am not about to doubt that God has a plan for this baby as well. We love you all and we appreciate all the support and love you are giving us!


  1. i love you stef. you will get thru this, with God, with your husband, with your babies, with your family and with your friends. you will be found in GOD. and how lucky she is to have you. keep praying, miracles do happen.

  2. God is in full control and he sees yours and David's heart. His word says HE will never give
    you more than you can bear. Keep your faith and trust in HIM. He is your hearler. We serve a God that preforms miracles and this is what we are praying and believing. Your family is here for you and David and we love you with all our heart. Aunt Patty

  3. they say that tragedy can make or break people. Not to sound cliche, but I see you are allowing it to make you stronger in Him. It's amazing how the hottest fires can purify us, and make our true beauty show, yet still, I know you know His purpose and desire is for the total health of your baby. And, that is what I pray. Health to that baby, from the God of miracles. Whatever the course, I'm glad you are clinging to Him.