Sunday, January 10, 2010

I believe you are my healer.....

This morning started off really hard, I woke up and I just layed in bed w/ this knot in my stomach it hurt to the point were I thought I was going to throw up, I wanted to throw up, I was hoping I would throw up then I would not have to face a new church this morning. The only thing that got me up and dressed was my promise to David to take the boys to church this morning, because he had to work. So out of the bed I got & I moved quick so I wouldn't have time to change my mind about going.

As soon as I stepped in that sancutary I felt a peace come over me I have never experienced in my life. Worship began & the tears just started to flow, I could breathe & the horiable knot I had felt for the last 3 days was gone. Then the song changed & they started to sing "I believe you are my healer" the words touched me so much that I just melted, I found out later that the worship leader felt lead to sing that song, but he knew I might be there & thought it might be to much for me, he wasn't planning on singing it but God lead him to do so during worship & I am so thankful he did. During that song they did words of knowledge and a lady came up and immediatly said there is pain w/ your kidneys!! I about fell over, I was so stunned it took my breathe away, but yet I still stood there and argued w/ God about going up front because I was a 1st time visitor & just felt awkward. In the meantime nobody had responded to the ladies word of knowledge & I literally felt like God pushed me out in that aisle. I went up & the lady started to pray for me, she asked me what exactly was wrong & I told her that they could not find kidneys in my unborn child. She immediatly put her hands on my stomach & started to pray. Before long I was surrounded by a number of woman who were speaking life into my stomach. The prayers went on for quite sometime when the lady behind touched my belly and sayed I don't know what I am praying for but as soon as I put my hand on your belly I felt an electric shock. I told her the same thing about the baby not having kidneys & she made me repeat & proclaim after her "SHE WILL LIVE & NOT DIE & DECLARE THE WORKS OF THE LORD, SHE WILL LIVE & NOT DIE & DECLARE THE WORKS OF THE LORD." Those 2 ladies knelt down and continued to pray into my belly for what felt like forever, but I know was only minuetes. She took off a red bracelet that had the words LIFE written on it & placed it on my wrist & told me to declare life over this child as much as I could. They both gave me a big hug & told me to pour into Joshua & Judges the next week, that they would get my number & check in on me.

I went back to my seat and just when I was in awe of what God had done for me Pastor Bob Phillips began to preach. He stated so many profound things this morning. He sayed that 2010 will be a phenomanel year, not that it wont be a struggle but that God will show himself strong! AMEN! He sayed that if you are in doubt of what God can do thank him for what he is going to do anyways. He sayed to remember to rest in the Lord, that so many times we are focused on serving God & when there is nothing to do we just keep busy waiting for the next step when really the next step is rest. He mentioned the waltz (dance) he sayed if you listen to it just right you can hear... lean forward, lean back lean back. lean forward, lean back lean back. He sayed you need to learn how to lean back from the annointing & to lean back & rest in his presence. We need to SHOUT to the King for he is amoung us. I left church this morning & I could not wait to go home & tell David.

We ended up having lunch and then going over to a wonderful couple's house from the church to fellowship w/ them & it was wonderful. I really feel that see a small glimpse of God's plan. The fact that this church is called "Encourager" is no coincidance! The fact that they have been focusing on supernatural healings is no coincidance! God has brought us to such a time as this & has already surrounded us with a wonderful church body who I know will be there for us during this season of our life. I was so scared of going thru this alone with out our family & friends close by, but God had a plan & he knew just who we would connect with today.

My Aunt told me last night that this move to Texas was for a greater purpose & that God will not forsake us nor will he forget us.... Today I saw God's purpose, today I saw the reason we moved to Texas! I believe now more than ever that this season, this road ahead of us will not only be a testimony, but it will be an amaising story only God could of orchastrated! Our baby does have a purpose & I believe it today. I know there will be tough days & I know it is not going to be easy, but David and I know that we are not alone in this. We have heard that so many of you are standing behind us in prayer & strength to help us carry this burden & we could not be more grateful!


  1. WOW! God is AMAZING!! I am so glad He has you right where he wants you and has you at Encourager church! I have actually been there a few years ago with Sue! I am praying for you girl and am so thankful for God's encouragement to you!

  2. Stephani, you are an a amazing lady, your words in this blog have blessed me! You are right He is our healer! My prayers are with you and your family. I am so glad that your move has gone well.

  3. love you Stef, so glad you are right where He wants you!!

  4. Awesome Steff!!!!!!!! your writings are amazing - I am thankful to be a part of your blog- Mark and I lift you and your family up in prayer in our prayer time and will continue to do so - we are praying for complete healing and will trust along with you - stay strong in faith and be of good courage surrounded in the Lords loving arms !!

  5. i have been praying for you since we talked the other day. i'm so glad you got out of bed and went to church on sunday! it sounds like it was amazing! i'm so happy that you have found some people there that you can tak to, who have and will cover you in prayer. stay strong and CLING to God!