Friday, January 29, 2010


A dear friend of mine shared this with me the other day & it touched me so much that I keep reading it and re reading it! She is going thru her own personal heart wrenching story & yet she still has the strength & compassion to write me w/ such wisdom. I just pray that one day I can be there for someone else like she has been for me! I love you Lindsay & am amazed at your strength, hope you don't mind I included you in this post.

"Strength isn't denial. Strength is being honest with yourself and others and knowing that whatever happens, you will deal with it and persevere by God's grace. Strength is praying for others (us) in the midst of your own suffering. Strength is not running from anything no matter how badly you want to hide."

I never thought of strength that way, I always imagined it as being tough & not breaking down, or having a bad day w/ lots of tears. When really it is facing your situation head on and not allowing the enemy to get between you and God. We will persevere by his grace and his grace alone! I have never felt like God was walking with me everyday as much as I have these last few weeks. I was reading my bible the other morning & I just started crying... God told me "Don't be angry or sad w/ the time you may not have with him, but be grate full for the time you do have." At that moment I touched my stomach & my little boy kicked my hand. =) I was never fond of being pregnant w/ the boys I was always ready for it to be over so I could have my body back and hold them in my arms. This time around I am so more intuned to my body and every little twinge or pain I have. When I lay my head down @ night I do shed a tear not for what may lay ahead but for another day being gone. Every sunset that comes, every sunrise that we see is one day closer to the end of this pregnancy & possibly his life. So many woman count down until their due date, I am counting the days we have left & wishing I could keep him safe in my belly forever.


  1. Everytime I read your posts, I feel like anything I say is going to be trite, or not come across well. in your situation I think of all the "what ifs" in light of believing for a miracle. I think any mother would prepare for the worst case scenario, and go through every emotion, while holding on to the hope of Jesus. I don't know how you do the day to day routine in light of an unknown, but I've also never heard a story with so many unbelievable miracles already in it. I hope we can all believe for you in days when you are too tired to do it. I hope we can all keep praying, when you've prayed your heart out and can't go on.

  2. wow prairie woman you nailed it on the head! thank you girl & thank you for believeing when I can't & for praying for me when I am just to exausted the breathe. You are an amaising woman of God! David & I love you & your family so much!